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Are you interested in full-time or part time work with CTSS? We are excited to welcome you to our team. Already a part of our team? Login to view your account. Ready to apply? Simply fill out our online new hire paperwork/application to get started.




Affordable Health Insurance

All employees are instantly eligible for affordable health insurance for their whole families. There is absolutely no wait time or confusing applications. Simply decide on your package: Employee Only, Employee + Spouse or Unmarried partner, Employee + Child(ren), or Employee + Family and choose additional add-ons including dental, vision, short-term disability and term life. 

Individual Attention

As a family owned company, we strive for each and every employee to feel like family. We are a proud, second-chance company with fair background check practices. From the start, each candidate will be in constant contact with a member of our recruiting team. Day or night, feel free to contact us via text or call.



Interested in working with us? Check out our open positions here or reach out to us to hear more!



Want to inquire about an open position prior to applying? Click here. To apply, fill out our simple online application in 15 minutes by clicking here or following the link below. Next, click below to schedule your interview - or reach out to us to hear more about our open positions and our openings.



Q: Is there a fee for finding me a job?
A: Never! Unlike most staffing agencies that charge you for each and every thing, CTSS never deducts finders' fees from your paycheck.

Q: Can I view your job openings online?
A: Of course! Click here to view our current open positions or reach out to our corporate team.

Q: What types of jobs are available?
A: Check out our open positions here or reach out to us here for an updated list. At any given time, we have light industrial, general labor, light assembly and packing positions available. This is subject to change, so make sure you reach out to us for our updated list.

Q: Do you offer benefits?
A: Yes we do! There is no waiting period for prescription drug, dental, vision, short-term disability and term life insurance. All CTSS employees also are immediately eligible for referral incentives*, starting bonuses**, and perfect attendance prizes.
*referral incentives are available to all employees that refer an employee who is hired on and works two consecutive weeks or 80 workings hours
**starting bonuses are based on position, location, and spots available. Make sure to ask our corporate office team for more information on starting bonuses.

Q: What type of screenings do you require?
A: CTSS is a drug free company, all candidates are given a saliva/urine drug screening for adulterants including to, but not limited to, THC, cocaine, methamphetamine, amphetamine, and opioids. We also run a criminal background check. We handle all prescreening in-house, meaning we are able to implement fair and second-chance background checks for all candidates. 

Q: How long is my application on file?
A: We keep all candidates active for one year! After that period, we do require an up-to-date application packet. We suggest all candidates to re-apply every six months or if they move, change phone numbers, or want to update any of their information.

Q: Is my application information secure?
A: Our application forms and all of your sensitive information is triple-secured and encrypted. You can rest assured that all your information is secure. 

Q: What do I do if I am sick or cannot come in to work?
A: Simple logon to our employees site by clicking here and fill out or tardy or absence form. We will make sure to contact your worksite supervisor with your update.

Q: How does pay work?
A: All employees are paid weekly! This does not mean you will be able to get your paycheck the same week you start, however. To ensure all hours are correct, CTSS employees work one week behind. If you begin work on Monday, your first paycheck will be ready Friday of the next week. 

Q: How do I see my paystubs?
A: If you are a CTSS employee, simply login by clicking here to view all of your pay history. 

Do you have a question you don't see listed here? No worries, you can contact us anytime via chat or call/text at (877) 731-1345.

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