See how real businesses and real candidates thrive when you experience the CTSS difference.

With a collective of 40 years experience in personnel procurement, quality placements, and a people-first attitude, see why we have successfully staffed for over a dozen industries. Don't see your industry? Don't worry - we make it our mission to get to know you and your workplace to better fulfill your employment needs.



Interested in finding work or finding candidates? We're here to help.




Personal Attention

From our seasonal workers to our large clients, experience full attention and customized service from our corporate team members. We will make sure we conform to your schedule, your workplace and your needs.

More Than Just Staffing

From pre-employment screening for your staff to notary services, time keeping services, payroll and more, we can do it all.  We offer multiple services to help your household or your business to run smoothly.

Personalized Placements

At CTSS, we ensure our employees and our candidates fit seamlessly together. Instead of our employees being numbers on a paper and faceless names, we take the time to get to know each and every one. This ensures our employees are happy with their job placements and our clients are happy with their personnel.

Your One-Stop Shop

See how we take over all aspects of hiring. Are you looking for candidates for a shorter project? We can help. Are you looking for candidates to hire on full-time? We can help. 




Savings when using CTSS. Comparing the costs of recruiting, pre-screening, workers comp insurances, payroll and timekeeping for an employee that doesn't fit your needs, you will only pay 45% of that by finding your ideal candidate through us. And, yes, there is no extra cost to hire them on to your team.


Better turn-over rate. CTSS proudly holds 180% turn-over rate which is 2.33 times better than the industry average. Feel confident your facility will experience better efficiency after just three weeks of service with CTSS by saving you time on candidates that do not fit your needs.


More time available for you and your team when recruitment and hiring is off of your task-list. Save time and money and increase efficiency when you trust your candidate procurement to us.


Off your first 3 invoices when you choose CTSS. Reach out to us to find out how, and to learn about our continuous discounts for our clients.



"This staffing agency is by far the best staffing agency I've been to in South Carolina. They got me signed up with an employer to work within the first day in the office. I was greeted by smiling faces and had a great experience there. Their jobs pay great and the staffing agents update you frequently. 5 stars."

-Chris C. via Google Review

"I have never worked for a more caring, thoughtful, professional, and understanding company!! They were always there when you needed them and willing to fix any issues that was to arise! I would recommend working through them to anyone!"

-Ashley K. via Google Review

"The staff is highly professional. Showed personal interest in me . I would gladly recommend them to anyone looking for employment."

-Ulysses C. via Google Review