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Believing Ministries

As a family-owned business, we strive to always treat our employees as we would our family. We also understand the pressures and struggles each family faces on a daily basis while trying to make an honest living. We find a passion in serving the underprivileged of our community and giving back to our Latin roots. Believing Ministries concentrates on providing warm meals and supplies to the homeless of Upstate South Carolina. A majority of the profits from Carolinas Total Staffing Solutions goes into our efforts behind Believing Ministries - where we serve as a resource to families in need and for individuals looking to get back on their feet. On a global scale, our outreach has built hundreds of roofs all over the Caribbean after the destruction of Hurricane Maria. In Argentina, we partner with a group home to feed and provide supplies to several orphaned children. When misfortune strikes, it does not discriminate - leaving many families in despair for a solution. We know because we've been there. Sometimes all you need is a spark of kindness from a stranger to keep your spirits high and to remind you there is still goodness in the world. Just like the wise teachings of Mahatma Ghandi, our mission with Believing Ministries is to be the change we wish to see in the world.

Are you looking to get involved or need volunteer hours?

Please contact us and ask us how we can help! We organize food and charity drives on a monthly basis.

You can also help support us by sending survival supplies to Puerto Rico. Our story as a family began on the island of Puerto Rico, where many of our friends and family still live today. It seems our enchanted island can't catch a break. In the midst of recovery efforts from Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico has been hit with several catastrophic earthquakes. Millions of our brothers and sisters are sleeping in the streets after the earthquakes have destroyed their homes. Our Amazon wish list contains supplies that can be sent directly to La Senda Antigua where Pastora Wanda Rolon has opened her church as a shelter. We are also accepting donations to go towards Puerto Rico's disaster relief.