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FAQ's for new hires & prospects

Is there a fee for finding me a job? No…Never 


Can I view all your open jobs online? While we do publish many of our jobs on this site, not all are online. Please check in with your local CTSS office on a weekly basis for new opportunities.


What is your hiring process? Click here to register for job opportunities. After completing the online information, a Staffing Specialist will contact you.  If you have not heard from them within 3 business days, please call your nearest CTSS location.


What type of jobs do you offer? We specialize in the light industrial, clerical and direct hires.


Do you offer benefits? Yes. We offer a variety of benefits, including medical insurance, Legal family protection plans and Identity theft family protection plans


What type of screening do you require? CTSS is a drug-free company.  We drug test and background check all employees prior to starting an assignment.


Do I have to provide my Social Security Number on the online application? Yes. However, the information is transmitted via secure encryption and is kept confidentially in our system. Your privacy is very important to us.


Do you provide transportation to work sites? No.


Do I need to register separately at all your locations? No. Once you register with a CTSS office, you are in the system with all our locations. If you move, please inform us of your new address and any other changes to your contact information.


Do you give advances on payroll? No. Payments to direct deposit, pay cards, or paychecks (in rare cases) are available every Friday.


How long is my application good for? We keep your information on file for three years. However, if you have not worked or contacted CTSS within six months for employment, you should re-register, then come into your local CTSS office for another interview to complete your update.


What types of ID should I bring to my interview? The government requires that you provide two forms of identification that establishes both your identity (picture) and your legal authorization to work in the United States. Many people bring a valid driver license, state ID, passport, social security card, birth certificate, work visa or US citizen ID card.


Can I use a printout from the Social Security office because I don’t have my card yet? No. Sorry, but this is government policy—it states right on the printout that it is “not to be used for employment purposes.” We’re not allowed to accept it


Does my ID have to be current? Yes. We are not permitted to accept expired IDs.


Do I have to bring originals of my IDs? Yes. The government does not allow us to accept copies.


What information will I be given prior to starting an assignment? We will give you all the information you’ll need. This includes what to wear, how to get there, what you will be doing, who to ask for when you get there, and how long we anticipate the assignment will last.


How can I view my Direct Deposit? You can view your direct deposit, pay stub and W-2 information online.


Can I stop my Direct Deposit and receive paper checks again?  No. You have the option of receiving your payroll on Pay card or Direct Deposit.


When are W-2s ready? They are always ready as required by law no later than January 31st. Make sure your address is correct with your local office. You can also view your W-2 online.


What do I do if I am injured on a job? Take care of yourself first, but please report any injury immediately to your supervisor at client company and contact CTSS as soon as possible.


Who do I call if I am sick or cannot report to work? Please call your CTSS office prior to the start of your workday, as well as client company you are working at.


If I work this week, will I get paid this Friday? After completing the week, turn in your time card the following Monday. You will be paid the following Friday.


What do I do if the job differs from what I was told? Call your CTSS Staffing Specialist to discuss any concerns with your assignment. Especially if a safety concern.  You’re important to us; we do our best to make things go smoothly for you.


If I want to leave a job, can I just quit? If you are placed on assignment, a CTSS representative chose you specifically for the assigned job. Because we hold you in high regard to make a great impression at our partnering client company, you are expected to do the job to the best of your ability and work shift and hours as instructed, as well as, be at work every day and on time. If you choose to leave an assignment, please work your full shift and then contact in person or via phone your CTSS Staffing Specialist.  If for any reason you walk off the job during your shift without permission from client company or CTSS, your pay for that week may be reduced to minimum wage and you may not be eligible to work through CTSS again in the future. CTSS considers walking off the job as “voluntarily quitting/abandoning your assignment”, therefore, unemployment claims will be disputed.


My assignment is ending. What do I do to secure a new assignment with CTSS? Contact CTSS immediately when you hear your assignment will be ending. If you are in good standing at your assignment and CTSS, we will look for another position for you to start when the current assignment ends.