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Carolinas Total Staffing Solutions is comprised of highly-skilled and motivated professionals in their field. Learn why CTSS can and will change the way you think about staffing agencies.


We are a proud women and minority owned staffing agency serving the southeastern United States and the Caribbean. From short-term event staffing to year-long projects, we are able to quickly and accurately place candidates in ideal positions where they are content and our clients are fulfilled. Happy workers mean great productivity.

Instead of filling your positions with warm bodies, we pride ourselves in taking the extra steps necessary to understand your company and your openings. With a people-first approach, we are able to place great matches into your workplace. If you love your temporary workers, CTSS will always allow you to hire them on full-time. You will no longer have to haggle over contract or hour buyouts, after a set number of working hours*, you can transfer all employees to your team for free.

If you are happy with your staff and are looking for other services to keep your business running smoothly, we offer a plethora of other services for your business. From multiple types of drug screenings and background checks to collecting time and running payroll, we can provide custom help for your company.


If you'd like to reach out to us to procure candidates for your company, click here.


If you're interested in pre-employment screening and other services, click here. 




Miriam Vallejo

          Operations Manager - Georgia

Miriam is an excellent recruiter and operations manager. She joined our team in 2021 and has learned the ropes in a extraordinary way. Her capacity to match the right candidate to the right job has made her excel at CTSS. She is outgoing and enthusiastic, she enjoys each day as if it were the last. She is an open minded people person who loves to learn and practice new things. Always with a smile on her face, even if it is Monday!


Adrianna Phillips

VP of Operations / Human Resources

Vice-President of Operations, Adrianna Phillips leads operations with not only a degree in Business Administration and Accounting, but also with 5+ years of staffing experience. While managing being a young executive, and parent- Adrianna offers punctuality and strives to make all operations at Carolinas Total Staffing run as efficiently as possible. 

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Ruben Morillo 

VP of Sales and Co-Founder

Ruben has been in the Staffing Industry for over 15 years. Together with his wife he founded CTSS. He has excel in building client relations and developing new sales and service techniquesRaised in Puerto Rico, Ruben is fluent in Spanish.

Ruben is a devoted son, husband, father and grandfather. Music is his passion. In his free time he loves to exercise and spend time with his beautiful family. 


Karen Morillo 

       President and Founder 

Fully bilingual President and Founder of Carolinas Total Staffing Solutions, Karen Morillo is backed by 30+ plus years of staffing/management experience, as well as human resource management. After obtaining a degree in Business Administration/Human Resources from InterAmerican University PR in the early 1990s, Karen began working as a "Staffing Coordinator"-moving diligently up the ranks, eventually leading to her establishing her very own staffing agency in 2009. On top of being a motivated and active businesswoman, Karen is also a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and friend to those she cares for. Her goal is to make every business and personal relationship reach its fullest potential. In free Time Karen dedicates her time to mentoring at risk youth.



Back in 2008, our founders found themselves in the worse economic slump since the Great Depression. Being parents and first generation migrants, they were in a prime position to lose everything they had worked for. Instead of conceding, they decided to make a living by assisting others in the same pursuit. From a small desk in their living room, they began operations. Helping one employee secure long-term, steady work turned into assisting a dozen employees. After over a decade of business, countless candidates and families have been assisted in the pursuit of a career - not just a job. 

When we are not assisting candidates secure work, we are working to feed, cloth, and house people spanning from the Southeaster United States to Argentina and the Dominican Republic. We have proudly built hundreds of roofs, fed thousands of men, women and children, and are patrons of an assistive living facility for the elderly and an orphanage for children and teens. 

With our "Be The Change" initiative and in partnership with Believing Ministries, we have proudly fed thousands of citizens experiencing homelessness throughout the Upstate of South Carolina. Each winter, we host Bundle Up Greenville, a coat and winter gear drive. We have had hundreds of donations that we have been able to supply to disadvantaged people in our own backyard.

We believe you reap what you sow, we have made it our mission to plants seeds of goodness around the world.

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